Make MoneyTo Payza Referral Program


A lot of people have been looking for means to make easy money online and one of that means is through Payza . Yes you can make $10 per person you refer to Payza. This is the easiest way to make money online without investing any cash.

Introduction : What is Payza ?

Payza (Previously khown as Alertpay), is a popular online money processor like paypal, that helps you to send or receive money anywhere while sitting on your computer. With a Payza account, you can run an online business, add and withdraw funds, exchange currencies, be part of referral program, make payouts and much more!
It is the best alternatives of paypal in those countries (like Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Nigeria etc.), where paypal can't be verified!

Payza Referral Program To Make Money

Payza offers a referral program to its members that awards $10 for each person you refer to Payza. You can refer your friends and family members and earn cash rewards. You keep referring new members to Payza and once you have referred 10 member, you get paid $5 for each member you referred. After 10 member you will get $10 for each referral. There are some terms and conditions for getting rewarded that are as follows:

1. Your referrals must open a Personal Pro or a Business Account which are free to open.

2. Your referrals must make a transaction of $250 (send/receive).

3. Self-referrals or referrals from the same IP address or device will not be rewarded.

4. You will only be rewarded for qualifying referrals who signed up through your link.

Get Started With Your Free Payza Account !

Well lets Start to create Payza Account.

1. Go Here and Click On Sign Up.