Earn Money Online Without Investment Complete guide

We understand that you have a strong determination to earn cash online without paying anything.Before you read this guide we want you to go through the existing Scam Free Ways To Earn Online to get a generalized idea of existing money making opportunities.

Points to keep in mind :

1. No such short-cut is there to build a long term online income
2. Clicking Ads, Reading emails, Filling up forms, data entry scams, so called genuine money making sites or related online jobs will not get you any money.
3. You have to work smart & hard as well.
4. You can’t earn only sleeping. That’s possible after uncountable sleepless nights.
5. You have to have the learning curve.
6. Good communication in English (At least written) is a must.
7. You are assumed to be having a computer connected to Internet.
Now let us discuss the ways to make money online without investment.

A. Blogging on Blogspot 

Blogger is a product by Internet giant Google allows you to create blogs for free on their domain. You would get a sub domain like http://yourchosenname.blogspot.com/ and the hosting is free by blogger.
Maybe you are thinking, ” heck, i knew this way”. If so then my question is how much have you earned from your blogger blog? Only creating blogs will not do, you have to do it right. I know lot of  bloggers earning significant amount money from free blogs without any investment. You can also build your profitable work from home job with proper guidance and proper implementation. No Investment needed.