Make Money by Your FaceBook & Twitter Account

You can earn cash with your Facebook page!

Making money by liking pages

As the first provider in the world FanSlave allows you to make money with your Facebook page. After the successful registration, you can click through the pages of the FanSlave network. If you like the page, you get FanSlave credits for your efforts, which you can cash out after reaching the minimum payout of  € 15.

The Payment In Euro To : Paypal & Payza

Payza Account Sign Up Please Click Here.

Want to earn money FaceBook?

FanSlave allows you to make money with your Facebook page. With FanSlave, you can earn money by simple press LIKE on FaceBook.
Do you mean this button that appear on pages of FaceBook?
Yes! You can earn money by clicking on the LIKE button that you may already click a thousand times already.
Of course you need to register with before you can earn money by clicking the LIKE button. The registration process is very simple and should take about 20 seconds.
After the successful registration, you can log in your FanSlave account. The following diagrams are the screens when you log in your FanSlave account:
Account Balance:

Before start earning money by clicking LIKE button on FaceBook, let’s take a look at the Account Balance when you first register a FanSlave account:

  1. €0.25 will be credit into your account when you sign up a FanSlave account.
  2. 50 Credit with a new FanSlave account. You need Credits to get fans for your fan page.
Earn Money by Clicking LIKE button on FaceBook
It’s time to see how to earn money by clicking on the LIKE on FaceBook.

Sign Up Here:

STEP 1: Connect Your FanSlave Account with FaceBook

The first step is to connect your account with FaceBook.  This can be done by clicking on the Connect button of the following screen.

STEP 2: Visit Fan Pages of FaceBook

Usually Four or five Fan Pages are available to visit per day. Click on all the links (shown by red arrows) one by one to visit the Fan Pages. This is shown in the diagram below:

In the above example, there are five Fan Pages that available to visit that day.

STEP 3: Click on LIKE Button of Each Fan Page to Earn Money

Once on the Fan Pages of FaceBook, simply click on the Like button to earn money. Let’s use the first two Fan Pages as an illustration and shown in the following two diagrams:

STEP 4: Click All Fan Pages

The following screen will appear after you visit all Fan Pages on FaceBook, indicating that there are no more Fan Pages available to visit.  The Fan Pages are available any time, be sure to log in your FanSlave account often..

STEP 5:  Click on Update Credit Button to Get the Credits

Remember to click on the Credit Button to get the credits you just earned by clicking on the LIKE buttons on Fan Pages. This is shown in the diagram below:

STEP 6: Check Balance

Check the account balance to ensure that you got credit by visiting Fan Pages and Clicking on the LIKE buttons.

Look!  Here’s what I earn by visiting five Fan Pages
  • 15 Credits (5 Credits per Fan Page)
  • €0.08
The amount that earn by clicking LIKE button varies.  Some may be as high as €0.05 per click while others may be as low as €0.01.

STEP 7: Same Way Connect With Twitter & Google Plus Account 
Make more money with FanSlave?
You can make more money when a new user sign up with your referral link. The benefits are for a lifetime basic:
  • you get 15% on all earnings of the new user, including both the clicking money and all sales.
  • you get commission for the users recommended by your referred user.

Affiliate Program 

Affiliate Program:  

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The affiliate programm
Refer new users for fanSlave and earn money. Just send the following link to your friends, or use this link on your website. Every user who registers at fanSlave by clicking this link is assigned to you.
Lifetime-Commission: 15%
You earn money when users earn or buy credits at fanSlave.
You refer two new users. The first user earns 10000 credits at fanSlave. You will receive 1500 credits as commission.
The second user buys 100000 Credits. You will receive 15000 as commission.
Overall, you get 16500 credits. This corresponds to 82.50 EUR!
New: Get commission by referring resellers
If you refer a reseller, you will get a lifetime-commission (1,5%) for all customers / users the reseller refers.

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