My Experience With Postloop Forum Posting

Postloop forum posting
The past few days, I’ve been doing some forum posting for Postloop.
 I really, really enjoy this because it does not feel like work to me. I’m getting paid to hang out on forums and socialize — something I often feel guilty for doing when I actually am supposed to be working :) So this “job” is perfect!

How much can  you earn?

The amount you can earn at Postloop is the site’s primary downfall. Your pay is not that great. Also, they base your pay on a fairly complicated points system. 100 points is equal to $5 in earnings, and you can cash out your money to Paypal as soon as you have 100 points. Some people claim they can earn between $5 and $8 per hour. I can’t vouch for this because I haven’t timed myself. I just do it here and there when I have time during the day.
Your points per forum post will vary depending on your overall rating. After you sign up, you have to do 10 sample posts on Postloop’s forum called the “Postloop Portal.” This is so they can see how you do.
You need to be fluent in English, have good spelling/grammar, and you also need to be able to write helpful posts. In other words, you can’t get by with just posting irrelevant things on forum threads. They also want to make sure you don’t leave posts that are really short (try for at least three sentences each, preferably more).

How do you get paid?

This is the best part. You get paid with Paypal and there is potential to get paid every day. As stated above, you just need 100 points ($5) to request your earnings. I requested mine yesterday morning for the first time, and I was paid within a few hours after asking for it.
Making $5 a day on Postloop is not at all unrealistic from what I can see. Some people are able to make $10 per day. As far as amounts above that go, I can’t be sure. If you do Postloop and you’re able to bring in more than $5 to $10 per day, I’d love to know about it and also what your system is.
Even if you only participate occasionally, Postloop is one of those things that it’s good to know it’s there. If you’re in a pinch and need to get your hands on just a little bit of money quickly, you can work it up and then request it.

How does signing up work?

This is the part that trips a lot of people up, so I’m going to try to give you some step by step instructions. I admit the sign-up process is a little confusing.
  • Create an account here.
  • After signing up for Postloop, you’ll need to go and register at The Postloop Portal so you can do your 10 trial forum posts.
  • After you’ve registered at the Postloop Portal, you must also subscribe to the Portal through Postloop. If you do not do this, your trial posts won’t get counted. You’ll know the subscribe button because there are three little icons off to the right-hand side of the forum list. Each forum listing has these three icons. They look like this, and the “subscribe” button is the one in the center with the man and the plus sign:
  • After you’re sure you’ve subscribed, make your 10 posts at The Postloop Portal. Try to not only respond to existing posts, but create a few new topics of your own. They want you to both respond to threads and also create them (trust me! This is what they told me after I was accepted!)
  • You’ll get a notification after you’ve done your 10 trial posts that Postloop is reviewing your account. This is where the waiting begins. They have 24 hours to review you, but it normally doesn’t take that long.
  • If you get notification that you’re in, you’ll see they’ve given you a user rating. This is one factor that will determine how much you get paid per post you make.
  • Now, click on the link that says “forums” above, and start registering for forums that interest you and start posting! Some forums have a daily limit of posts you can make and get paid for and some don’t. Sign up with as many as you want and just get started. You’ll see your points add up and once you have 100 points, you can cash out. Also, be sure to subscribe to the forums you’ve registered at through Postloop too just like you did with the Postloop Portal in order to get credit for the posts you’ve made.
  • Some forums have a daily limit (it seems many are set to 5). If you at any time want to see if you are close to hitting your limit on a forum, just click the link to the left from your dashboard that says “Subscriptions.” This link will show you what forums you are subscribed to and how many posts you’ve done at each one.
  • You will spend a bit of time registering yourself at different forums the first day or so. While this can be time consuming, you really only have to spend a lot of time on it once. After you’ve registered at a forum, you don’t have to go back and do it again. Once you are a member of several forums, you can just post on your favorites and not bother registering on any more of them unless you just want to or you see a new one appear that you really want to join.
If you are still confused about signing up, my sister wrote a very detailed post on her blog about how to do it if you want to check that out. 

Can people outside the US sign up?

Yes, but your English has to be really good. They won’t be able to accept you if it isn’t.

Does your user rating change?

Yes. Postloop will give you your initial rating after you’ve been accepted, but this can go up and down because the forum owners are allowed to rate you, too. If a forum owner likes the posts you’re making, you’ll probably get rated high. If not, you’ll get rated low. Ratings can go up to 5 (5 is the best).
I got in with a score of 4.0, and this was mainly because when I did my trial posts, I did not start any new threads. I just responded to others. My husband signed up too and I instructed him to also start a few posts. He started about two posts and then just responded to existing posts for the other eight and got in with a 4.5 score. So be sure to both start and respond to posts if you want to keep a good user rating.

What about the referral program?

They do have one. If you know someone that you think might like earning money with Postloop forum posting, tell them about it. You will receive a 20% bonus for all of the points that your referrals earn. They’ll give you a personalized link for your friends to use, so just copy paste it and tell them to sign up through it.
If you happen to have your own blog or website, they have a lot of promotional banners and things you can paste into your sidebar if you want.

My Thoughts

Bottom line — I really enjoy Postloop. I know the money isn’t great, but I really like being involved in these things that allow me to get paid daily if I need to. It makes me feel sort of secure. Also, Postloop is fun. I like to socialize in forums anyway, so this is just a way to get paid for doing it. Don’t be shy about signing up for forums for things you think have no interest in,  either. I signed up for a health forum even though I didn’t think I’d have anything to contribute, and surprisingly it’s been one of my favorite ones to socialize on.
I had written a review of Postloop on this site before, but I had not tried it myself so I didn’t have that valuable first-hand experience. But now thankfully I do. I hope Postloop sticks around for a while!

Go here if you want to start doing some forum posting for Postloop.

If you have any problems at all with the sign-up process or just have some basic questions on how it works, please comment below. I will help you get started all I can.
My Experience With Postloop Forum Posting My Experience With Postloop Forum Posting Reviewed by Julianna on 3:11 AM Rating: 5



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  2. I have 4.0 ratings and I can't make any post on sites that are available. Do I have to post on postloop forums again to gain a higher rating?

  3. hi there. Your blog is informative. I signed in postloop days ago. I also did the 10 trial posts in postloop portal. However, until now, I still haven't receive any rating. My rating is still 0.00 out of 5.00. I only receive the day I made the trial posts that it is under review and I have to wait for 24 hours. But after 24 hours, I haven't received any notifications that I am accepted or not. I tried to posts everyday 10 posts and my points increase as I make posts. But my rating is still 0.00. Is that possible?

  4. Thank you for the informative blog. I completed my 10 posts today. They have given me 8.82 points and my rating says reserved. Don't know what these things mean. As per their notification, I have to wait 24 hours to know my review result.


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