Fan Slave Make Money on Facebook and Twitter Account

I have been researching and exploring new ways to make money on line for free over the last year and a half. I would by no means call myself an expert yet but I get closer every day. That's why I am really hoping this blog works out for people just like me who are learning this massive opportunity. Like I have said before, the money is already out there waiting to be spent, it is just a matter of who wants to grab it. 

Sometimes it seems like I am going nowhere or not growing fast enough, but the cool thing about this online challenge is every now and then I stumble across a really great opportunity. This happened two days ago when I discovered the site Fan Slave. Fan Slave pays users to like Facebook pages and follow people on Twitter. It is an easy way to get paid for being on the social network sites. Here is what I have learned in two days.

1. The more Facebook friends and Twitter followers you have, the more money you will make.

2. From what I have averaged over the first few days I should make around $30 each month. However if I increase my Facebook friends and Twitter followers I can increase my income each month.

3. The referral program is sick! I get paid 13% of what each referral makes plus the people they refer! This is an easy site to get people to sign up and earn on because most people online have and use their Facebook and Twitter accounts multiple times through out the day. Why wouldn't they want to make money on it. In two days I have 16 referrals already. Obviously the more active referrals you have the more money you will make each month.
4. Takes maybe 5 minutes a day to assure you $30 a month depending on the size of your social network, could be more or less.

5. This site is free to sign up with and pays by Pay Pal. 

6. Site pays in Euros so for those of us in the U.S. when you think its $1.00 its actually worth $1.31

This has been a really easy site and it looks like it is going to be one of those profitable ones as well. I am excited about this one!

Good luck with all of your ventures! The more we communicate the more we can all make!

Fan Slave Make Money on Facebook and Twitter Account Fan Slave Make Money on Facebook and Twitter Account Reviewed by Julianna on 2:49 AM Rating: 5


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