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Clixsense offers is a new way to increase your earnings on Clixsense. To access the Clixsense Offers, Sign up or Login to your Clixsense account and click on the "Offers" tab which is located at the top of the page. This will display all the available offers to you.


This is a great new feature offered by Clixsense. An active Clixsense members can now earn more daily just by completing these offers.
These offers includes :
Surveys - These are trusted surveys that can be taken every day. Because of that they have the highest earning potential of all offers. If you don't qualify to take a survey the first try, you may try again. There will be days with no surveys matching your demographics, so you should check these daily, it takes only a couple minutes;
Shopping - These offers require you to make a purchase from an online retailer;
Signups - Offers in this category can be an easy way to earn. They mainly consist of a simple signup process, others may require you to fill out several pages;
Downloads - As the name implies you will be required to do a download. These are free downloads and can be anything from a browser toolbar to a stand-alone program;
Games - This requires you to download or play online games;
Free - This includes all of the above except for the Shopping offers that require a purchase to be made.
Offers Credit : Some offers will credit your account instantly once you successfully complete the offer while others have a long waiting period like 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks to credit depending upon the advertisers' requirements. The unpaid respective amounts or credits will be shown on the top right corner of the page next to "Pending Balance".
IMPORANT : There is also a risk of them being reversed by the advertiser. The reasons why a payment may be reversed include but are not limited to :
  1. Specific requirements not met (e.g. having a toolbar or game installed for at least a set amount of days)
  2. Order cancellations (e.g. buying something but deciding to cancel the order a couple days later)
  3. Fraudulent activity (e.g. submitting fake profile information, using proxies, stolen credits cards, etc.). It is obviously very important that you never submit fake information or attempt to cheat the advertisers. They have means to detect the veracity of your information.
To avoid reversals and other issues like missing payments, etc., it is important that you provide honest and real information when completing the offers. You don't have to take offers that don't interest you just to get paid.
Availability of Offers :
Unfortunately some countries don't have access to many offers. The availability of these offers depends entirely on the advertisers and the other companies willing to pay people on said countries for signing up for their products and services.
Referral Commissions :