How to become famous on the internet

In my previous article how to become popular on the internet I explained how can convincing people that you are an expert on a certain subject can you make become popular, in this article I will continue talking about the same point but I will mention a new fact which is the effect of multiple sourced brainwashing on your online popularity.

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How can you become famous fast?

If you went to a friend of yours and told him that you are the most intelligent person on the planet, will he believe you? He might or not but what if 10 of your friends went and told this friend of yours that you are the most intelligent person on this planet?
Your friend will surely start to think that you are very intelligent because of the effect of the brainwashing that happened to him by your other friends. In Psychology this is called subconscious mind programming which is the term that describes how can repetition brainwash our minds.
Its very clear that we trust people more when we hear about them from others than we hear them talking about themselves and this brings us to a very important point which is that you can become popular much faster if you managed to convince other people to write about you.

How to convince people to write about you or to even mention your name?

become famous on the web
There are lots of ways that can help you make your name appear in lots of places on the web without doing much effort, here are some of them:
  • Submit articles to article directories and use your real name in the author field. When someone Google’s your name to check for your reputation he will find your name showing up in lots of article websites and he will think that you are really famous.
  • If you sell products online then ask for reviews by giving free samples, Lots of people have blogs these days so give some of them free products and ask them to write a review about your or about your website
  • Make some noise, by having accounts on social networking websites and by updating your status regularly with impressive information you can rest assured that the noise you are making will let some people write about you one day.
  • Let a friend of yours write about you in his blog but let it be an honest review, if you think that you are not good enough yet then step back until you feel that you deserve it then ask him to do it
In short if you managed to get your name listed in many places on the internet and if your name was associated with praise in most times then surely you will become famous on the internet fast.

Summary Tips:

Do you have what it takes to be internet famous? We live in a day and age where the world is literally at our fingertips..... The world wide web that is.
Being internet famous means that the whole world has access to YOU. Lets find out how you can help yourself shall we?
time to become famous
Step 1: Find your PASSION!! What are you good at? What do you believe in? Set a goal for yourself. Why DO you want to achieve this goal? Why do you want to become famous. Make sure you set a realistic deadline and monitor and reflect upon your results every few days. Step 2: Learn the ins and outs of your computer, HTML and copy and paste. When television and internet media merge one day you will be ready.
Step 3: Join EVERY social network and try to make as many friends as possible. The main sites you want to be on are MYSPACE, YOUTUBE & FACEBOOK. Internet people are pretty friendly, if you write a friendly message people will usually check you out and save you as a friend.
Step 4: Broadcast your IM Screen names, URLs, net addresses and links to every site you visit. Any time someone comments on your page on any literature you write ALWAYS, reply back on their profile or public name page. DO NOT PRIVATE MESSAGE ANYONE (unless it is strictly confidential) people are nosy, if someone else is replying to that person, they are more than likely to check you out.
Step 5: Build a website that suits your personality and update your page on a regular basis. Otherwise people will just pass your site along if you can't keep their interest.
Step 6: Tell all your friends to help endorse you. Trust me, if your friends are real and true to you they wouldn't hesitate. After all, convince them that you will be taking them to cool places once you become famous.
Step 7: Buy marketing e-books or Learn about online marketing. Truth is: If you really want to become famous who are you trying to sell. YOURSELF OFCOURSE!!!! Think of yourself as a product that everyone can't live without.
Step 8: Be thoughtful, intelligent and do not respond to petty online arguments, insults or criticism. Always thank people if they leave a constructive comment and always reply back.
Step 9: Be careful of what you share with others. There are a lot of crazy people out there, it is important to be open if you are marketing yourself online but just be careful of how much you share. NEVER SHARE PERSONAL INFORMATION! This also includes names of family members, school, favorite colors food, number of brothers and sisters etc. Keep blogs, and posts related to the topic at all times.

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