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The first website that I made is now getting more than 350,000 hits each month and I am making a respectful monthly income out of it. In this article I will tell you some of the tips I used that made my website get such traffic in a short period of time.
Search engine ranking determines the position your website will take when search engine results are displayed. Since everyone on the internet visits search engines it makes lots of sense to learn to increase your search engine ranking. The following tips will help you increase your search engine ranking and so get more hits from search engines. 

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Tips for increasing search engine ranking

  • Content is the queen, website optimization is the king and the castle needs both: content can only bring you traffic when someone sees it but if no one found your site then your good content wont do you any good. Website optimization is the king when it comes to bringing traffic
  • Optimizing your pages: When you make a new post make sure that the title tag, the meta description tag and the meta keywords tag have the same keywords that are relevant to the article's topic. In addition to this, make that the page’s name (the html file name that appears in the url) contains the same keyword. Use bold and italics to highlight the keywords that are relevant to the article. So in summary, all of the page element should have the same keyword which the post talks about
  • Your main page: If the keywords on your main page match the keywords in some of your articles then those articles will be given a very high weight, after all search engines wants to display articles that talk about depression from a website that is specialized in depression
  • Frequency of update: Search engines give very high importance to frequently updated pages, if your website gets updated often your search engine ranking will increas
  • How old are you?: Old pages are more respected by search engines than newer ones, just as you have to do lots of tasks to get a better rank waiting will also result in better ranking. Don’t give up early!
  • Only one way back links matters: getting one way back links is one of the most important things you should do in order to increase your link popularity. Two way links might be useful but one way back links have much higher weight. Read the article how to get one way back links for free in order to know more about this topic
  • Internal linking: Search engines give internal linking a level of importance that is close to the level of importance they give to external links. Make sure your internal linking structure is done well. Read the article optimizing internal links in order to know more about this topic
  • Stuff more keywords: Use H1, H2,H3 tags and put your article related keywords in between them. Use the ALT tag to add your keywords to image’s description and Use the keyword in the image’s name (file name). Make sure your article contains your keyword and all related keywords with a density of 5%

Is it hard to rank higher?

No, it’s a piece of cake, this is my third website, whenever I make a new website I manage to rank in the top ten results so go ahead and try the tips above.

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Four Tips to Increase Search Engine Ranking

Issue #1- The Title Bar
This is one of the most often overlooked techniques to increase search engine ranking. On your homepage, what does the title bar say? If you use Internet Explorer, this is the blue bar at the very top of the window that displays your page (it may include the words "Microsoft Internet Explorer" at the end). Does your company name appear here by itself when you have more important keywords to emphasize? Worse yet, does it say "untitled"? If you want to increase the search engine ranking for that page, this area should contain the most important keywords you see on your homepage. To check the rest of your site, click on any link from your homepage and see if the words in this title bar change for each page in your site. They should - and each title bar should contain the most important keywords from its corresponding page. Note: Very long keyword strings in the title bar should be avoided - six words or less is optimal. Also, words in the title bar should not repeat more than once, and identical words should not appear next to one another.
Issue #2- Content
Search engines all try to list sites that contain good content. Translation: you need words on your pages to achieve a high ranking on a search engine, not flashy graphics. This text should contain the most important keywords that your potential customers would use to find you on a search engine. If you have very few or no words on a page where you wish to increase the search engine ranking, it is a good idea to add some, ideally around 250 per page. For aesthetic reasons, this is not always practical, but even 100 well-written words will give you a better opportunity for a high ranking on a search engine than none. It is also important that you make certain that the words are written in a language the search engines can read. Using your mouse, bring your cursor down to the text on one of your web pages. Clicking and holding down the left mouse button (make sure you aren't near a link) see if you can highlight just one or two words of the text. If you can, everything is most likely fine. If nothing happens, or you can only highlight a large block, it is most likely in graphic form. To increase search engine ranking in such cases, the graphic text needs to be replaced by standard HTML text to allow the search engines to read it. Your web expert should have no problem understanding what you require, and the transition should be fairly simple and affordable.
Issue #3- Meta Tags
Some people believe that meta tags are the Holy Grail of achieving a high ranking on a search engine. Unfortunately, their effectiveness is limited (many engines ignore them completely), but they can play a limited role on some engines. To see if your site has meta tags, go to your home page. Click the "view" command at the top of the browser window. From the pull-down menu, select "source". This should open up another window that shows your code. Much of this may seem indecipherable, but there should be two commands there (usually near the top of the code). One of these says meta name="description" content= and will go on to describe your company and products, and one says meta name="keywords" content= and goes on to list applicable keywords for your site. If these tags are missing, have your web expert insert them. Again, this may not do much to increase search engine ranking, but it will not hurt.
Issue #4- Links
Link popularity has become increasingly important for those who wish to increase search engine ranking, with 19 of the top 20 engines using it in their ranking algorithms. Simply put, search engines give a ranking boost to sites that have links from quality, related sites. There are numerous free tools on the web that will allow you to see what sites link to yours (just type "free link popularity check" in your favorite search engine). If you don't have many sites linking to yours, it may be time to start a link building campaign. This is where you find quality, non-competing sites in your industry and ask them to link to your site. An additional benefit of link building is that these links can bring you additional, highly targeted traffic.
Although following the above guidelines will by no means guarantee you a high ranking on a search engine, fixing one or more of the problems should help increase your search engine ranking. For the volumes of potential customers that a search engine can send to your site, it's certainly worth the effort.
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