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FanDealer for Private Persons: Benefit financially and use existing social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to earn money online



You would like to earn money online and are looking for serious online earnings, a second job or work at home and do the whole thing with the ability to manage your own schedule? Are you an active member on social networks such as Facebook, Twitteror YouTube Great! Then you are warmly welcomed here at FanDealer, the most innovative earnings portal for social networks and new media. We would like to make it possible for you to earn money in social networks, for example with "Like" clicks on Facebook, viewing YouTube videos or following a brand on Twitter. Earning money was never so easy! All you need is an active account on one or more social networks. 

Why FanDealer?

Do not just advertise anywhere but on one of the biggest portals for german and international fans/followers! Due to several thousand new applications per month, we guaranty a maximum reach of your social media campaign and a continuous inflow of new Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers.

Register and get started right away!

Registering on FanDealer is absolutely free and lasts less than 1 Minute. Following confirmation of your customer account, you can immediately start to take on campaigns or earn money with the FanDealer network.

Affiliate Program

No one compensates for your web presence as generously as our partner program. No partner network which also earns money. Maximum payout! Recommend FanDealer to your friends, acquaintances or business partners or we can let you participate in a 20% lifetime commission for all sales.


Special services are also particularly honored by FanDealer! Members who recruit the most active users as part of our regular Refrallye events also get attractive bonuses in the form of cash prizes in addition to your regular earnings.

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