Get Direct Referrals to Your PTC Sites

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People usually believe that more traffic to their referral link they receive the more direct referrals they will gain. Well, this is wrong! It is much MUCH more important the source of traffic which come to your referral link than the amount. It is easy to get 10+ direct referrals out of 100 visitors if you have quality traffic source. On the other hand you can gain 0 referrals out of 1000 visitors if the traffic source is junk.
The good example of junk traffic source are traffic exchange programs. Traffic exchange programs are websites where you surf other members sites and gaining points which you can spend to advertise your links (websites). I think the most of traffic exchange programs are just not worthy of all the time you spent surfing other sites. They will hardly bring you few new referrals.

Because most of people registered at traffic exchange programs are surfing to get traffic to their websites. 99% of them are not interested in your website, they just want to surf as much sites as possible to gain back as much traffic as they can. It is really hard to get referrals this way, and it is almost impossible to gain active referrals.

Paid methods of getting direct referrals:
Advertising on popular PTC sites is usually worthy. For example if buy advertising at neobux, you might be almost sure you will receive new referrals. But this kind of advertising is quite expansive. Therefore I would suggest you to advertise on GPT Aurora websites. The advertising packs at Aurora GPT Sites are very affordable and usually bring nice amount of direct referrals to your PTC sites. The amount of referrals you gain also depends on the program you are advertising. It is much easier to gain referral to new PTC sites with attractive design, than to old PTC sites where almost everyone is registered.

Why is advertising with PTC/GPT Sites usually worthy?
It is because, members of PTC and GPT websites are people involved in making money online and these people are seeking for new PTC/GPT sites. So it is not hard to persuade them to register.
Another good place to advertise is at making money forums. Most of members at these forums are looking for new ways of making money opportunities. So offering them shiny banner with your referral link is usually good way of promoting. The amount of referrals you can gain depends on amount of active members at the forum. Before you decide to pay for the advertisement, try to figure out daily traffic and activity at the forum.

Free methods of getting direct referrals:
Good way of getting active referrals for free is through referral exchange offers. These offers create an agreement between two PTC clickers who agree to click ads at partner’s PTC site and for that partner clicker will be clicking at your PTC site. This is good method of gaining active referrals fast. But at the same time you can end up clicking at 30 PTC sites what is time consuming.
Another free way of getting direct referrals for your PTC is publishing your referral link at making money and PTC forums. Well this is usually prohibited and you can be banned for doing this. So before you decide to publish your referral link, make sure this is allowed and you are publishing in correct section at the forum (read general rules or TOS).
Also you can ask your friends to join PTC sites. Introduce them PTC World, tell them it is simple and free way of making money online. If they are interested in PTC sites give them your referral links to register. This is very good method of getting active free referrals, because you know these people personally and you can encourage them to click daily.
Promote your referral links at social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This is very fast and easy method.

Create your website:
About PTC sites, you can promote your banners for free. But this way of promoting is very but it works very well.
But before you decided to promote any PTC site, make sure this PTC site is worthy of advertising. Investigate PTC background, their TOS, look for payment proofs and for complains. If you believe you found the best ptc sites than start to promoting your referral links. Otherwise you may end up with bunch of referrals registered at scam PTC sites which will never pay you and all your effort was useless.
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