How to make my Website Popular

Everyone says the same thing

Out of the millions of the articles on the internet that tackle that topic I didn’t manage to find advices that are really powerful enough to make a website become popular. Most articles talk about the same topics, submitting your website to search engines, creating new content every day and optimizing your website But What’s the point of submitting your website to multiple search engines if you aren’t going to get any traffic out of them or updating your content everyday while no one is interested in visiting your website?
In a very short period of time my first website started to get more than 350,000 hits/month and this number is increasing every month. While I did submit my website to lots of search engines and updated my content daily this was never the reason my website became popular. In this article I will explain what really matters when wanting to make a popular website.
The secret to making your website popular is to be able to get loyal visitors. Suppose that the first day you made your website you managed to tell 10 people about it. If one out of those 10 people returned back to your website without being reminded of it then sooner or later your website will become popular.

The secret to making your website popular is to be able to get loyal visitors. Suppose that the first day you made your website you managed to tell 10 people about it. If one out of those 10 people returned back to your website without being reminded of it then sooner or later your website will become popular.
make popular website is easy
How to make your sites popular
The key to having a respectful traffic is divided into 2 parts. The first is Bringing users to your website which is very easy and its the thing that most articles focus on and the second is maintaining some of those visitors which is the hard part and the most important one.
You can very easily optimize your website to let it appear on top results in search engines but even after people visit your website, what will bring them back?? Suppose you had a big bin that you wanted to fill with water, if your bin had a big hole in its bottom then keeping the tap open for 10 years will not fill it. The same goes for your website; if your website is leaking its visitors then no traffic generation method will ever be useful. Yes you might get traffic spikes but sooner or later they will fade away and people will forget about your website.

What turns casual surfers into loyal visitors?

People wont visit your site because they like you, because they are your friends or because of wanting to support you. They will only because of their desire to benefit!!! Everyone who surfs the internet is looking for a certain benefit, be it amusement, getting rid of boredom, socializing or information.
Your website must provide some kind of benefit to the user in such a way they he feels satisfied after visiting it. But the question you should ask yourself is, why would he choose your website instead of another?
This brings us to another very important point in building popular websites, unless you offer something different or something that already exists in a better way then people will leave your site for other websites. The following are examples of websites that presented old ides in better ways and thus became popular:
  • Wikipedia: All the information you want about anything. information was already there Wikipedia brought it in a new way
  • Youtube: All the videos in the world!!
  • Ehow: How to do anything in the world, where else can you find this???
  • Facebook: Social networking was an already existing idea, facebook presented it in a much better way. By the way facebok was developed by a 22 years old guy.

secret tip to make popular site
What about your site?

You don’t have to make another wikipedia or another youtube in order to have a popular website, all you have to do is to make your simple website or blog different than all others. Provide unique benefits that only your site can deliver it perfectly.
My website became popular because it offered information about psychology in an easy understandable way instead of the famous complicated boring one.
Even if your website teaches people how to make coffee then tell them about all the possible ways to make it, tell them about all the hidden secrets of making a great coffee and the uncommon information people don’t know about coffee. Tell them about the health effects of coffee, the misconceptions about it and the information the normal person wouldn’t be aware of. Now you have a great website even though its talking about a simple topic such as making coffee.

My first website is now getting more than 400,000 hits/month and this number is increasing every now and then.

In this article I will tell you some of the tips that can help your website become more popular.
If Lots of people visit your website then it must be good!!

Psychological research has proven that the perceived value of something is increased when people notice that there is a high demand on it. A research has proven that a male who gets lots of smiles from females is perceived to be more attractive by other females.

The same goes for websites, if a website was perceived to be popular then lots of people will start trusting it more and so it will become more popular.

So the question is, how to convince people that your website is popular? (without lying of course)

Here are few methods:
* Display the number of monthly hits: In my first website's main page I have a big image that states the number of monthly visitors. I am really surprised by the number of websites that get more than 100,000 hit/month yet they never display it anywhere!!

* Display a counter: Use a web counter that displays the number of hits you get. Adjust it so that it displays page visits and not unique visitors so that the number grows quickly.
* Display the number of Rss subscribers : Display the number of rss subscribers , the number of twitter followers or the number of people who have subscribed to your newsletter

What if my website gets no visitors?

So what if your website still has no visitors? What can you do to prove to others that your website is valuable?
Here are some good things you can do:

* Use testimonials: Testimonials can have the same effect that displaying the number of visitors has. Both techniques will increase your website's perceived value
* Keep repeating the message: Yes, stating that you are the best at the footer of every page can brainwash your visitor's minds to believe in you. This technique uses a concept that is called subconscious mind programming and you can know more about it by reading my article How to sell more ebooks , for a practical example check the footer of this page.

In summary do whatever you can to prove to your visitors that people like your website and your website will become even more popular.

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