5 Important Steps to earn Money from Youtube - easy ways to make money online

You may have seen many People earning Huge money with their Website but You don't have any money to start with or You wana start without any investments.
Well, the good news is that, yes you can. With the help of Youtube, you can simply upload videos and Earn a lot.
In this post I will discuss 5 Important Steps to earn Money from Youtube - easy ways to make money online. So without any further Delay lets get started:
Step 1: Signup for a gmail account and put your Brand name with it. As example, if you are going to open a Funny Video channel, the name it my(your brand name)funnyclips@gmail.com. 

Also add a user name related to your topic, adding this type of name related to your topic with give a Professional Touch to Your Channel.
Step 2: You when you are done with your Logging process, You now have to make a Video. There are few tips you have to follow while making a video.
You have to make videos by yourself You can't use anyone's video or Youtube will ban Your account.

Step 3: Now its time to upload the video to Youtube. When you are logged in to your account, You will see on the top a button called 'Upload'.

Simply click that button and it will ask you to Browse the video from your Computer. Just select it and your video will start uploading.

Step 4: After uploading video, go to Channel Settings, from their you will see Monetization option. Just follow the instructions there. All you have to do is to Apply for an Adsense account.

Step 5: Now after getting Approved by Adsense, all you have to do is to enable your account.

You will see a Grey $ sign beside the Video. Click on and and it will ask you to turn on the Monetization. Hit ok and You are ready to earn from Adsense and Youtube.

If you need any help then comment below or mail me.
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