iSecret Shop Mystery Shopping App

If you like mystery shopping or are interested in doing mystery shopping but don’t particularly enjoy all the paperwork and writing involved in mystery shopping, you may want to check into the iSecret Shop app for your smartphone. iSecret Shop is a mystery shopping app you can download (completely free) that allows you to accept mystery shopping assignments in your area and complete them 100 percent through your smartphone.

How is this better?

Not everyone will necessarily think it’s better, but it may save time because, if you’ve ever done mystery shopping before, you know that you often have to submit a written report on your shopping experience after you’re done and it can be hard to memorize certain things about your shop while you’re in the midst of it without taking notes. And taking notes while you’re in a store could potentially give you away as a mystery shopper — something you don’t want to happen.
If the shop is done with your smartphone in hand, no one would necessarily ever suspect you were a secret shopper. The questions you answer and your feedback are all collected through the app, so it would appear to the store workers that you were simply playing with your smartphone or texting as you shop.
Unfortunately, this app appears to be available only through the Apple app store, so I don’t think you can download it if you are using Android.

Is the iSecret Shop app legit?

They are a real business offering a service to retailers, this is made clear on their website. I see absolutely no signs anywhere that this is some sort of mystery shopping scam. There is no payment requested from potential shoppers, just the standard information asked on most mystery shopping sign up forms. They also have a disclaimer on their site that reads, “FRAUD ALERT!: Fraudulent emails and checks are being sent with iSecretShop inc name and address. These are NOT from us! Please delete!” I see this same fraud alert on the websites of many legitimate mystery shopping companies that are trying to fight back against the mystery shopping scams out there.

How are the reviews in the app store?

I am seeing three stars out of 162 ratings. One review says it’s a good app but that there aren’t enough shops available. I kind of figured this … with any kind of mystery shopping, there aren’t always going to be shops available. This is why many people rely on mystery shopping for extra money only. Your location also has a lot to do with whether or not you will have shops available. If you live in or are close to a larger city, you will probably have more shops because there are more big stores. If you live in a small town or rural area, you probably won’t see as much.

How much do shops pay?

I can’t find any information on payment or how payment is made, but one of my Facebook readers let me know that she uses the app and they pay 45 days after your completed shop and your payment includes a flat fee plus a reimbursement for what you buy during the shop.
There isn’t information on how much they charge retailers to utilize their service other than saying their prices are low. If they aren’t charging retailers much, this might mean they aren’t paying mystery shoppers much, either. If anyone has any information on payment, please comment below.

How do you sign up?

Go here to register an account and get started. You will have to also download the app to your phone which is free of charge.
iSecret Shop Mystery Shopping App iSecret Shop Mystery Shopping App Reviewed by Julianna on 3:31 AM Rating: 5


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