Get Paid For Your Professional Advice on Pearl is a site that will pay you for offering your professional advice. And yes, you do have to be a verified professional in your field before you will be allowed to answer questions submitted by Pearl users.
Become a Pearl professionalI have actually written about Pearl before. It used to be known as Just Answer and that review is located here. The company re-branded last year as Pearl. It’s interesting to me that even though the company has re-branded, the Just Answer site is still in place. Pearl/Just Answer has been in existence since 2003.

How It Works

As a professional, you can answer questions submitted by Pearl users that relate to your field. There is very little information on the Pearl site regarding how payment works, but it looks like the user agrees to a fee for the questions they ask in advance and apparently the average fee is around $30. If the Just Answer site is still displaying accurate information, payments are made via Paypal once a month. The money paid by the user is also fully refundable if they are not satisfied with the answer you gave them.

How to Become a Pearl Professional

There is an email address on the site where you can get started. I’ve read that you will be given a test in whatever field you want to become an expert in, and also your credentials will have to be verified by a third party. Pearl professionals are often actual doctors, lawyers, mechanics, and so forth.

Is this just extra money?

Usually I consider these question/answer sites as just extra money, but Pearl appears to be a bit different than your average question/answer site. Because these are real, verified professionals offering professional advice, the money earned can amount to a lot more. For example, this news article about Pearl and their service claims that some people are earning thousands on the side just giving their professional advice here and there. But I’m sure results vary and not everyone will have the time to devote to it. Also, Pearl users are allowed to rate the professionals who help them, so you could probably earn more if you participated a lot and were highly rated.

Are they open worldwide?

I can’t find a clear answer on this unfortunately. However, I’ve been reading online that Pearl is attempting to expand globally with users everywhere asking questions. This could mean they are also open to accepting professionals globally as well. I would suggest just emailing them to find out about applying no matter where you are located to see if your geographic location is a factor.

How to Sign Up

This page has the most up to date information on getting in as a professional at Pearl. Good luck and please comment below if you have any experience as a Pearl or Just Answer professional.
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