Earning Opportunities at Educational Site eNotes

Earn money as an educational contributor at eNotes
If you have a background in teaching or education, you may want to check into the many earning opportunities available at eNotes. The eNotes site has been in existence since 2003, and it is currently a major online educational resource for both students and teachers. Students can use eNotes to get homework help from actual teachers across a variety of different subjects, and teachers can use it to get advice from other teachers as well as find lesson plans and classroom activities to use in the Document Exchange section.
As mentioned above, you can also use eNotes to earn money if you have a background in education. Here are the ways you can earn:

How to Earn on eNotes

  • Offering your academic expertise in the “Homework Help” section. The questions posted are asked by students and occasionally other teachers. 
  • Contributing original content to eNotes. They have open assignments available that you can claim.
  • Contributing to the document exchange. They always have a need for lesson plans, classroom activities, and other documents that are original.

How eNotes Makes Money

The eNotes service is not free for students or for teachers looking to purchase lesson plans or ask questions. They have monthly subscription fees that both students and teachers who use eNotes pay to get the homework and classroom help they need. This is how they make money and how they can pay you for your contributions if you sign up as an eNotes educator.

How much do you get paid for contributing?

This information has not been easy for me to come by. It isn’t posted on the eNotes site and an internet search doesn’t pull up much. However, I did find some information on a blog post here that lists pay amounts. The post was written in 2009 so I don’t know how accurate it still is. The blog post states that eNotes pays $1 for every document submitted, $2 for every question answered, and $1 for every comment posted on a discussion board. I don’t know if eNotes is still paying people to post on discussion boards because I no longer see that option listed on their “Apply to be an educator” page.
Unfortunately, I have no information on how they pay at this time, but the person who wrote the blog post I linked to above mentioned receiving a check in the mail.

How do you apply?

There is a super short form to fill out here. You just have to provide them with some basic information and list your qualifications. They don’t say specifically what kind of teaching qualifications you need to be considered, so I would suggest applying just to see what happens if this interests you and you have any sort of educational background.
I am not sure if you can do this worldwide. There is nothing on the site to indicate that this isn’t open to teachers in other countries unless I’ve missed something.
If you aren’t a teacher but you know a teacher or educator who might be interested in doing this for extra money, feel free to pass it along! Also, see this other list I made with various ways teachers can earn money from home.
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