6 Ways to Get Paid For Your Videos

get paid for videos
Whether you’re a serious filmmaker or just someone who likes creating videos for fun, there is money in uploading your online. And YouTube is not your only option (although it is a good one)! There are a ton of sites that will pay you for the videos you create. Some of the sites are revenue-sharing while others might pay you a flat fee upfront.

If you are interested in making money online with your videos, here are some options to consider:

YouTube is by far the most popular video-sharing site, and you can make money using it. They have a partner program you can join, and once you are signed up and approved, the ads you see around your video will earn you revenue. You do have to set up a Google Adsense account and associate it with your YouTube account in order to start profiting from the ad revenue your videos generate.

iStockPhoto has a “video” section on their site. You can get paid there by uploading videos for others to use, and you’ll be paid royalties. They pay a base royalty of 15 percent for each file download and up to 45 percent for exclusive contributors. You can read more about submitting video to their site here.

Break will pay for not only videos (although that’s the main focus on their site), but also for flash games you create and pictures. Videos that end up on the front page of the site get $2000 and you can get $25 if your video ends up in their gallery section.

Make your own web-based TV show and air it on Blip. Please note this site does not want stand-alone videos. Because they want web TV shows, you have to be consistent and put out videos regularly for it. You can get 50 percent of the revenue that your shows generate on the site, and you retain 100 percent of the rights to your content.

Flixya is another revenue-sharing website that allows you to upload your own videos and make money. You can also make money sharing photos and blogs there.

Demand Media
The popular site that hires freelance writers will also hire freelance filmmakers. Similar to how you claim articles to write,  you log in and look for video projects to claim. You’ll be paid anywhere from $200 to $600 for your approved, completed work. Go here for more details on becoming a freelance filmmaker for Demand.
I’d also like to add that while I was doing my research for sites you can use to upload videos and get paid, you would not believe how many I came across that were just totally gone or had a message saying they had to shut down! This list would have been longer if not for that.
If you’re not interested in serious filmmaking and instead prefer to just make one-time short, simple videos, your best bet of everything listed here to earn money are probably going to be YouTube. It is by far the most popular and established.

If you know of any other sites that will pay you for uploading videos, please comment below and let me know!
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