How to get website Traffic for Free

Today I am going to give you a FREE Genuine Source for your Website or how to get website Traffic for Free. I will describe Step by Step how you can also get it.

This will also help you to
increase your Alexa rank and also safe for Adsense....
 But before that, let me show you some examples that its genuine or not, so here is a screen shot of mine.....

So now without any farther delay, Lets get started......

Step 1: Go to a website called

Step 2: Click on the signup if you are not a member of this site.

Step 3: Now fill up the Signup form with all the Valid details and hit proceed.

Step 4: After Successful signup, you will receive a Confirmation mail. Click the link inside the email to activate your account. (if you don't see any email, then check your Spam box).

Step 5: Now after your account is created,
login with your email id and Password.

Step 6: Now click on the Add  Site on the left bar and put your website url and click OK.

Step 7: After your website gets approved, you are good to get traffic.

Step 8: Now click on
Earn Credit to get started. The More you will earn,the more traffic you will get.

Step 9: Now when you have collected many points, Simply click on Distribute Credit and you you start getting free safe Traffic.

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