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locket extra money android app
Someone at Locket emailed me several weeks ago, wanting me to share the info about their extra money Android app. Granted this one isn’t going to make you much, but I personally enjoy these little extra money apps. I’ve got several installed and try to use them when I think of it. However, Locket is exclusively for Android users so if you only have an Apple product (like me), then you’re out of luck for now. Maybe at some point in the future this will be available for Apple users, too.
Locket is currently only available to people in the US.

How Locket Works

This one is very, very easy to use. If you install Locket, your lock screen will have an ad on it instead of a background image. When you swipe with your fingers to unlock your lock screen, you get paid. So basically you are getting paid for simply unlocking your phone! So simple.

Earning Money

You will only be earning somewhere around one cent per ad swipe with Locket, which doesn’t sound like much. But if you think about how many times you probably unlock your phone throughout the day, this could add up. Locket also has a cap in place that prevents you from earning more than three cents each hour. I guess this keeps people from gaming their system. I also read in the Locket FAQ that sometimes they give out random bonuses.
In addition to getting paid cash, you also have options for receiving gift cards instead or donating your earnings to charity.

Getting Paid

You need $10 to cash out, and Locket will send your earnings to you via Paypal. They do payouts on Mondays, and your money will always arrive on the following Monday after you’ve requested your earnings.

Referring Friends

At one time, Locket was paying people $1 per referral to refer friends, which capped at $5 per account per month. However, I’m not sure if they are still doing this. I can’t find any information about that on their website. If someone who has the app installed can clarify if that’s the case or not, that would be great! I have also emailed the people at Locket to ask about this and I will update if and when I hear back.

Bottom Line

I know that the pay for this one is very low, but I can’t help but be fascinated by these things that pay you for doing things you’d do anyway — like unlock your phone or tablet. It’s not like you’re having to put forth any extra effort at all to earn the money. If I had an Android device, I would install this one for sure. I’m happy to let money add up over time!


If you visit the Locket Facebook page, you will see that they have it set up so that people can post to the timeline. I always like to see this because it’s a good way to get inside information regarding whether or not a company is paying as promised. Fortunately, I am seeing people post there that they received their pay from Locket, so that’s good. I’m also seeing that the people at Locket take the time to interact with their followers — they clearly respond to people who post with questions and concerns. That’s another great sign!

Do you want to try Locket?

You can visit their website here to read about it and download. Let me know how it goes if you try out or reach cash out!
New Extra Money App – Locket New Extra Money App – Locket Reviewed by Julianna on 2:02 AM Rating: 5


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